There is a world of difference between shedding and breaking hair, however it is a common misconception to use both words interchangeably.

Shedding is a process that is necessary for hair re-growth, it is a natural and healthy process which occurs in everyone after the hair strand has attained the end of its growth cycle. When a strand of hair falls naturally, a new strand of hair grows in its place. A piece of hair is therefore shed to enable a new strand of hair grow in its place.

Shedding is a healthy function of the scalp, however there are periods where shedding may be increased due to pregnancy, treatments such as chemotherapy, menopause/ menstrual cycle/ birth control pills, harmful hair styling practices, heredity, illness, poor nutrition and so on.

Hair breakage on the other hand, occurs when the hair splits at varying sections of the hair shaft. It is often as a result of improper and unhealthy hair care practices, stress, improper nutrition, illness and so on

A broken strand of hair

How to identify whether your hair is shedding or breaking:

1. Take a fallen piece of hair and examine it closely (no need to go plucking hairs from your own head).

2. Check how long the hair strand is; if it is quite long chances are that the hair is a shed piece of hair. If it is a shorter strand, chances are that the hair is broken.

3. Most importantly, check whether there is a white bulb at one end of the hair. If a white bulb is present then you can be sure that the hair strand is a shed piece of hair. If there is no white bulb however this is a broken piece of hair.

A shed strand of hair

Knowing whether your hair is shedding or breaking is very important as this will enable you to correct the problem at hand. Hair breakage obviously requires immediate attention, however if hair is merely shedding there is nothing to worry about except instances where the shedding is excessive.

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