Moisture (water) is one of the most important components for healthy hair growth. Moisture functions in the hair to give it elasticity, suppleness and resilience which in effect leads to longer and healthier hair. Examples of products which moisturise the hair include hair moisturisers (my focus in this post), leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, rinse out conditioners and so on.  Please note that if any of these products do not contain water (aqua) they will not moisturise your hair effectively.

Black Hair (of African descent) is usually dryer than other hair types because of its kinky/curly texture. Basically our scalp produces its own oils (sebum) which provide nourishment to our hair. These scalp oils function to travel up the entire hair shaft so as to work their magic; however due to the nature of our hair strands (kinky/curly), the oils are not always able to travel to the very ends of the hair. As a result the ends of our hair tend to be dryer and more fragile. That being said everyone’s hair regardless of hair type needs moisture for proper hair growth.

In choosing a hair moisturiser it is important to ensure that it contains water (aqua) as its first (preferable) or second ingredient. It is crucial to make an effort to moisturise your hair as frequently as possible. Even if you regularly have you hair done at the salon it is important to maintain and take care of your hair in between salon visits/appointments by moisturising it. It is vital to replenish the moisture in our hair because moisture is prone to escape after a while due to external elements. Where our hair is not adequately moisturised it becomes dry and brittle and may eventually break off. 

Sealing the hair with a natural oil after moisturising is also necessary to protect the moisture which you have put into your hair from escaping. Sealing will only keep the moisture in your hair for a certain period, therefore it is vital to consistently moisturise and seal.

The frequency with which you moisturise and seal depends on your hair and lifestyle. Some might moisturise and seal daily, or even twice a day others might do so every two or three days or even weekly; it really just depends on what works best for your hair. I personally moisturise and seal my hair daily, so the key is trying out what works best for you.

Please watch this space for my next post where I demonstrate how I moisturise and seal my hair.


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