I decided to seek a bit of inspiration from Cheryl Cole because she has an amazing sense of style and her hair is always done up in lovely hairstyles. 

I decided to recreate her beehive look on my own hair, with a bit of a variation. I did not want so much volume or a huge pouf at the crown since I was only going out to the shops (nothing fancy) therefore my goal was for more of a laid back look. 

I absolutely love the beehive look because it is a protective style and it is a show stopper where you don’t have to look like everyone else. This is also reminiscent of Adele’s hair style in her “Rolling in the Deep” video.

It can be made more glamorous with only a few modifications, i.e. fake hair can be added to increase the height of the beehive, the hair can be backcombed for additional volume. However I did none of the above, I simply pinned my hair in the center after creating some volume by opening up my hair lightly. See how I open up my hair in paragraph 4 of my fuller bun tutorial here.

Hope you enjoy my take on it.


Though beauty is, with the most apt similitude, I had almost said with the most literal truth, called a flower that fades and dies almost in the very moment of its maturity; yet there is, methinks, a kind of beauty which lives even to old age; a beauty that is not in the features, but, if I may be allowed the expression, shines through them. As it is not merely corporeal it is not the object of mere sense, nor is it to be discovered but by persons of true taste and refined sentiment – Fulke Greville – Maxims, Characters and Reflections