The ends of our hair otherwise known as the very tips of our hair are the oldest part of our hair and hence prone to breakage. This is why you would notice that the ends of our hair may break off, split and so on. It is therefore important that the ends of our hair are protected and properly taken care of. If our ends remain healthy we can experience hair growth and actually retain that length as the ends of our hair would not break off. One of the ways in which we can prevent our hair from breaking as much is through baggying the ends of our hair.

Baggying the ends of your hair would also allow your hair retain moisture better and keep your hair more moisturised. You may decide to use a nylon bag, ziploc bag, plastic cap, small sandwich bag or plastic wrap. You also need a moisturiser/leave-in conditioner and oil of your choice for this method as well as a hair band (preferably an ouchless band) or 2.

To baggy your ends simply divide your hair into sections and moisturise and seal whilst concentrating on your ends. Gather your hair up in a ponytail/bun and then cover with a small plastic bag and secure again with a hair band over the plastic bag. You can keep your ends covered for about 1-3 hours or even overnight depending on what works for you.

Some people may also choose to baggy their entire head of hair. You simply moisturise and seal in sections and use a plastic cap or saran wrap over your whole head. This method of baggying your entire head of hair is different from the green house effect method because it uses moisturisers, leave in conditioners and oils whilst the green house effect method focuses on using just your natural hair oils (sebum) or natural oils/butters on your hair. You may choose to use this method daily, weekly or even monthly it actually depends on what your hair wants.

Please note that it is not advisable to use this method too often as this might result in a situation where your hair is constantly wet or damp which will lead to your hair being over moisturised and cause breakage. It is important to note that hair needs to breath and dry itself out.  So moderation is key for this method.

PS. As this is a hair blog my job is to let all my readers know about the different methods to achieve hair health and length. However it is all about finding out which methods work best for you, so please remember that you do not have to practice every single method out there. Simply understand your hair to know which methods suit it best.

Please share if you have tried the baggy method before as well as your experiences with it. Or do share if this method is something you would be willing to try.


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