How are all my lovely subscribers and readers doing?  It seems like ages ago I hope everyone is doing well. I will encourage everyone not to be too silent on this blog (pretty please with sugar on top) as I would like to know everyone more. I also love to read your fabulous comments as it lets me know that I am doing something right. I am sure you have all noticed a lack of posts however I am working on changing that. Expect an upcoming post on my hair and another on a hair challenge I will be doing shortly (this one promises to be an exciting one).

Now on to the post of the day – Wigs are an easy and versatile protective style. I know that there a lot of people who are opposed to wearing wigs and I must say that I used to be one of those people who felt that wigs were dangerous as they could fall off (ie. get blown off by the wind), get pulled off, or move out of place/position or that everyone one would know that you were wearing one. However there are lots of excellent options on the market it is just about finding the right fit for you.

Here I am at a wedding wearing my lace wig and rocking this oleku outfit with an awesome view of Lagos Island behind me

Tips on buying wigs

1. I will encourage everyone to invest in a top quality wig, even if it is a synthetic wig it is important that it looks as natural as possible – avoid the shiny look. In my opinion better quality does not necessarily mean a more expensive wig alone. It could actually involve spending a bit more time and doing the extra work and research to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

2. It should be one that should be easy to put on or let me just say that you should know how to put on the wig so that it fits perfectly on your head, so try it on before buying if you can. However as an online shopper myself – this is not a hard and fast rule. Keep trying till you get it right. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting wig.

3. Select a wig that flatters your face shape and makes you look good. Do not just buy a wig for the sake of buying one. It is better to have one good wig than a lot of terrible looking ones. I will advise that you try a full lace wig as they have an invisible hair line however do not use any adhesive or glue as this may be damaging to the hair. Also ensure that the wig stays firmly in place with the comb attachments (optional) and even hair pins.

4. Take care of your wigs to ensure that they last longer and make sure to take your wig off when you want to sleep at night.

Benefits of wearing a wig

1. It is a fabulous protective style due to the fact that it is low manipulation and as such reduces hair breakage and damage; it also protects your hair from harsh weather conditions such as winter, extreme heat and so on.

2. While your hair is in a wig, you can corn row/braid/weave the hair underneath or bun it and leave your hair that way for one to two weeks. This will still give you a chance to care for your hair as opposed to wearing a weave, where you are never able to access your scalp or hair properly. Therefore ensure you apply a scalp oil, moisturise and seal, use a leave in conditioner (optional) above all do not neglect your hair whilst wearing a wig. If you are able to corn row/weave/plait your hair underneath it gives you easier access to your scalp without having to part everyday to apply a scalp oil such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and so on.

3. Wigs give your hair a chance to breathe as you are able to take them off at anytime.

4. They are a low maintenance style and a convenient way to change up your look.

5. They are cheaper to maintain as you do not need to go the salon to get your hair done all the time.

6. For those you are transitioning to natural hair or texlaxed hair – wigs are a wonderful option as well.

Do share your experiences with wigs or if it is something you would be willing to try, it will be lovely to hear from you.  


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