Hello everyone I wanted to share a wash day post but I thought to make it a little different this time. I want to include some images of a different hair style I created which is not my usual bun, because let’s face it sometimes the simple bun can seem repetitive/boring and the voluminous bun takes more time than I am willing to give early in the mornings. This style however which is known as the faux bob is simple to create. In one or two minutes I am done and I get a lot of volume each time. To make it look extra special I add a side fringe and I wear it like this throughout the week just taking it down to moisturise and seal in the mornings. It is an excellent protective style that is guaranteed to have people compliment you. I will probably do a tutorial on this style later please let me know if you want one.

My hair is experiencing less shedding/breakage which I am happy about. For this wash day I first did a pre-poo treatment. For my hair now I believe that I have high porosity hair and the reason for this is because no matter how much I moisturise or deep condition my hair it still remains quite dry. I am however going to do a very detailed post on the porosity of my hair and the porosity of hair generally as I think it is something important to be addressed.

I pre pooed for one and a half hours using my normal prepoo of V05 Silky Experiences Shea Cashmere Conditioner and sealed it in with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. I also oiled my scalp with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. I then covered my hair with a plastic/nylon bag and a shower cap. In applying the pre poo treatment I divided my hair into about 6 sections applied the conditioner and I detangled using my fingers alone. I noticed that whilst finger detangling my hair was not really tangled which was something that I was happy about.

I then used the Tangle Taming Shampoo which is a gentle shampoo my hair loves although it contains sulphates my hair feels clean and not totally stripped when I use this product. I then deep conditioned my hair for 4 hours with (with my nylon/plastic bag and shower cap), I would have left the dc mix in for longer but this dc mix was dripping too much for my liking. 45 minutes out of those 4 hours was spent under my curl formers hooded dryer attachment. I used a deep conditioner mix of Wura’s Secret Deep Conditioner, Queen Helene Cholesterol Deep Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, and Olive Oil, I then sealed in the conditioner with Coconut Oil as my oil rinsing step.

After 4 hours I took off the nylon bag and plastic cap and I detangled my hair with the conditioner still in it using my wide tooth comb. My hair felt soft and strong at the same time, I then rinsed out the deep conditioner mix with cold water.

I towel dried my hair thoroughly, oiled my scalp with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil and applied my leave-ins, Cantu Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and then I sealed everything in with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. I then divided my hair into 2 sections and proceeded to air dry in 2 pony tails. After about 2 hours I moisturised and sealed my hair lightly with some Curl & Style Milk/Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, finger detangled and left them in the ponytails.

In the morning I took out the pony tails and wore my hair in a voluminous faux bun with a side fringe to work. This has been my go to style for some time as I am getting a bit bored with wearing my hair in a bun every time. So far so good, I have managed to create different versions of the style and I wanted to share a few of them below.

Here is my freshly washed hair today at work.

This is a picture of the same style but it looks a bit different because I tried to create more of a retro/swoop like effect with the fringe part. The funny thing was that I left the back as is. I had wrapped my hair in a Satin Scarf the night before and when I took the scarf out I found there was no need to do anything more to the faux bob part simply fluffed it a bit. I also put on a head band to add some visual interest.

Then this is another variation of the hairstyle but this time there is a bun behind.

Hope you all enjoyed my mini hairstyle look book and thank you for reading my post. Do let me know how your wash day went, share any good products that you have tried lately or any other questions/comments you might have.


“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept and celebrate those differences” – Audre Lorde, Our Dead Behind Us: Poems

PS. Please do check out the post I did on Bella Naija, It’s a bit different to the sort of stuff I write about here but I just want everyone to feel accepted for who they are and what they choose to do, even if it is just hair.