Hey lovelies, I hope everyone is doing well. I just thought to do a quick post on my wash day experience at the salon. Since I am still trying to juggle everything I have decided to stop washing my own hair for now. I simply go to a salon where I instruct them on what to do because I believe that almost anyone can wash hair with proper guidance. Every time I am at the salon and someone new is washing my hair they often comment on how thick my hair is. I must say however that my hair is growing back to APL and my bun is getting fuller, I will show you a picture of my bun and if you compare it to the picture I took whilst on holiday in April you will see the change in the fullness of my bun.

Let me first of all start off by putting out a disclaimer, you do not have to use all the hair products I used it is all about finding out what works for you. Nowadays I usually wash my hair once in two weeks for the time being however I am going to change this soon once I start the hair growth challenge on this blog where the focus will be on length retention and hair growth.

Anyway here goes my wash day experience:

The lady doing my hair shampooed it with Africa’s Best Kid’s Organics Shea Butter Shampoo I did a review on it here if you want to check it out and after she was done shampooing she combed my hair a bit and my hair was nicely detangled.

She then proceeded to section my hair in tiny sections I was surprised that my hair did not tangle up and she applied my deep conditioner mix thoroughly throughout my hair she must have put it in like 30 or 40 sections so afterwards my hair felt thoroughly coated.

My Deep Conditioner mix was as follows: Wura’s Secret Whipped Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner, Redken Extreme Builder Plus, Organic Root Stimulator Moisturising Replenishing, Roux Porosity Control Conditioner, Elasta QP DPR 11+ Deep Penetrating Remoisturising Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Rosemary Oil.

I usually make large quantities of my deep conditioning mix so I do not have to mix it every time I wash my hair.

She covered my hair with a plastic cap and put me underneath the hair steamer for thirty minutes it was quite hot.

She rinsed it off and towel dried my hair and sprayed some elasta qp heat protectant and elasta qp h20 leave in and proceeded to blow dry my hair. After it was about mid way dry she applied some Wura’s Secret Whipped Penetrating Conditioner which doubles as a leave-in and then when it was completely dry she used a bit of Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser and Hollywood Beauty Olive Crème to moisturise my hair.

And I just put my hair in a bun. When I got home I moisturised again with Wura’s Secret Hair Moisturiser and sealed with Castor Oil and Olive Oil.

My hair has actually grown in length but since I had already put it in a bun it was not straight so I could not take a proper picture. Here is my hair the next day still in a bun at the office. I have been wearing buns every single day for some time now.

My bun on Tuesday

My bun on holiday in April

Hope your wash day went very well. There is nothing saying that people on a hair journey must do everything themselves you can actually find a good salon or someone who is willing to listen to instruction regarding what you want with your hair and let them help you out.

Please stay tuned to my lovely blog, as I intend to be more regular with posting.


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