Hope everyone is fine and having a wonderful day. I just want to do a post on trimming and dusting real quick to ensure that everyone knows the difference and utilises them as needed. Trimming does not actually stimulate faster hair growth however when your ends are nice and even it prevents further hair breakage which may seem like faster growth. Also a good trim is what is recommended at the very start of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge. I encourage everyone to participate to experience excellent results, if you want to find out more please click here. Now on the topic for today:

Trimming: This is the act of cutting one’s hair from about half an inch to an inch and upwards to ensure that the ends of the hair remain healthy and to get rid of any split ends. Trimming is a good way of evening out the hair. It is important to use a sharp hair scissors as opposed to a regular one. Also ensure that hair is cut straight across and not at an angle as this may expose the cortex layer of the hair and cause damage. There are various ways to trim your hair, (it might be best to trim dry hair as opposed to wet hair however do whatever works for you):

The twist method: You can put your hair in a twist or lose plaits for example when you want to do a braid out or twist out. Take each twist and cut out the amount of hair you want to. This method is ideal for people who want an easy yet effective method of trimming their hair.

The half and half method: Ensure that your hair has been straightened for this method with a hair straightener/flat iron. Divide your hair vertically in half, giving you two sections. Take each section of hair, look carefully and cut the desired amount of hair. Repeat on the other side.

The ponytail method: This works best on straightened hair. Put all of your hair in a neat pony tail and then cut off the amount you desire. A low ponytail will result in a blunt cut while a higher one will result in a layered effect. This method might not be suitable for everyone especially those with shorter hair in front.

The scrunchy method: This is similar to the ponytail method. This also works best on straightened hair. Gather your hair in a ponytail and guide the scrunchy down the length of your ponytail until you get to the point where you want to cut your hair and then cut.

The section method: This is a very popular way of trimming hair and is usually utilised in hair salons, it is usually done on wet hair. This method involves taking random sections of hair and cutting of the desired amount until the entire head of hair is done.

Dusting: Dusting is different from trimming in the sense that only a tiny amount of hair is cut off the hair so small in fact that it falls through the air as dust hence the name. Dusting should not result in a length change as the amount of hair that is cut is very insignificant, which is usually less than quarter of an inch. You can use most of the above methods to dust as long as you make sure you cut off between 1/8 to ¼ inch of hair. Dusting is to be employed only when necessary during our hair challenge after the first and only trim. If you have not joined in please make sure you do so. There are other ways to dust as well:

The search and destroy method: This is when you take sections of hair and search for split ends, once you are able to identify any split ends you then get rid of them until the entire head of hair is done. This is usually a very time consuming process but allows for perfect results.

The twist and dust method: This method is best employed on straightened hair. Take a section of hair and twist the hair anti clockwise till the very end. Any uneven layers and split ends will be noticeable along the twist and should be trimmed off especially if they have split. Repeat until the entire head of hair is done. This is another very time consuming process but the results are worth it.

Kindly share if you have ever self trimmed and what method you used or what method you would like to try out and thank you to all darling lovely subscribers and readers, your support keeps me going.


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