The Green House Effect Method is a natural and effective means of boosting hair growth due to the fact that it allows the hair to retain moisture more efficiently. The steam effect created penetrates into the scalp to increase average growth rate. It was started by Meeka, who also started the Real Queens Regimen which involves using all natural products and shampooing the hair once or twice a month for more on  this regimen kindly check out the website here. The way to do the green house effect is explained below:

1. Simply apply some oil on the length of your hair however note that this step is optional

2. Put your hair in a bun, ponytail, braids, twists or any other style.

3. Cover your hair with a plastic cap, you can use more than one for extra warmth (and use a scarf over it as well, you can also add an extra scarf or a bonnet) it is best to get enough warmth as possible.

4. Leave your hair covered overnight or leave on for a long period of time. This will create a green house steam effect in your hair.

5. Remove plastic cap and allow your hair to dry naturally on its own or you can try to speed up the process by using a blow dryer on a cool setting. Your hair should feel slightly damp and not wet.

6. Moisturise and seal your hair as usual and style your hair as desired.

For those relaxed ladies who wear their hair straight and want to maintain a straight style. You can start off by wearing a scarf on your head and using the plastic cap over your hair and then adding another scarf.

You can use this method anytime from one – five times a week, it is all about maintaining a healthy balance and finding out what works for you. Please note that you do not need to wash your hair after using this method.

The founder of this technique states that we are not to oil our scalp prior to the ghe as this process is supposed to stimulate the healthy production of sebum to our scalp which nourishes and increases hair growth. However if you choose to use some oil on your scalp you can do so which is what I do sometimes. Please note that it is also recommended that no moisturiser is used on the hair prior to covering it, even oil is optional. This is where this method varies from other methods such as the baggying method.

I have not been as diligent in the ghe method as I could and I need to get on it pronto. This method is an optional part of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge however it is an excellent way to achieve faster hair growth.

Has anyone tried this method and benefited from it or have you tried other variants of this method? Or is this something you will be willing to try to encourage hair growth? Kindly share.


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