Hey lovelies, hope you are all fine and are having a wonderful weekend. I had been meaning to have this post up since Tuesday however work got in the way and I became super busy. I just wanted to share one of my favourite go to styles on those occasions when I am not sporting my usual simple bun. I kept on recreating this bun throughout this week to work. However I also wore it to church so it is versatile and can suit most situations with minor tweaks. This hair style is dubbed the criss cross bun and here is how I achieve this look:
Moisturise and seal your hair.

Use a styling comb to make the front portion of your hair appear sleek (do not comb through)

Decide where you want to criss cross your hair (it should be the sections of hair just above your ears).

Take two tiny sections of hair at both ends of your hair (above your ears) and cross them over in the middle of your head and pin at the point where both sections meet.
At this point you can actually wear your hair half up, half down if you choose to. However since we love our protective styles – gather the rest of your hair and pin it underneath. Like I did here

For this look you need no more than two – five pins depending on how full your hair is and how much of a hold you require.

Hope you all have fun trying this out (any curliness seen in my hair is as a result of an old bantu knot out which I will cover in a future post). Please look out for a relaxer update post coming soon.


I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes – Jeremy Aldana