Hello my loves, I am very excited to share how I created a voluminous bun for shorter lengths. I believe that this bun can be achieved on all hair types, texlaxed, relaxed and natural. I am currently transitioning to texlaxed hair however majority of my hair is still relaxed. I think this voluminous bun will work even better on natural hair as natural hair already has that required volume. However for natural hair I advise that the hair should be stretched in some way, prior to doing the bun.

You all know about my recent hair cut and how I have been growing my hair out hence the hair growth challenge. Certain hairstyles that I used to do have become a bit difficult to achieve on my current hair length, so I was so happy with how my voluminous bun turned out, that I decided to share the little tips and tricks I used to achieve this look.  This is a classic look that will make you the belle of any ball and can be worn on a casual day as well. I have done this sort of bun before so to add something extra I decided to add a side swept bang.

I was very happy with the volume of my bun as my hair is much shorter now. I am doing this post in collaboration with Lade of ReHairducation who does the bun of the month series on her blog. Please be sure to check out her own post on how she created her bun here.

Now let’s get into the tutorial, to start out with this hair style I will not typically moisturise my hair because if I do I would not get the sort of volume I need and my hair would not be as full. So I moisturise and seal the night before to prep for the hairstyle.

To begin I only seal with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oilthe purpose of this is to add shine and lubrication to your hair and hands while styling. When doing this hairstyle it is good to have some oil on your hands when styling the hair.

Try to smooth out your edges, like I am doing here with a comb. You can also add something that would lay your edges down (optional). Personally, I do not really bother with laying my edges. I just combed it a bit as I am about 11 weeks post here.

Another tip for relaxed/texlaxed hair is that you would achieve more fullness and volume in your bun if you are about 8 weeks post and upwards. Another vital tip for texlaxed or relaxed heads is that it is best to do this style on air dried hair to give the bun the required volume it needs.

Next separate the front section that will be used for the bang portion, you have to keep playing with the amount of hair you bring out until you are sure it will create the perfect side swept swoop effect. I like the added bang as it gives the illusion of really thick hair.

Next swoop it into a side swept bang and pin in place behind your ear.

Then smoothen out the bang area to get it to look flatter, use a comb to go over it.

Then fluff your entire hair using your fingers. By fluff I mean put one hand at the base of your head and the other at the crown of your head and try to open the hair. This will add the necessary fullness to the bun. (To see clear details and pictures on how to fluff, use the wide elastic hair band and pin in place refer to my old bun tutorial post here).

Take your wide elastic hair band and pull all your hair at the back through the wide hair band, adjust the hair band until you get the wideness you want.

Then, take the very ends of your hair and pin it underneath your headband, one or two hair pins should suffice. (If your hair is natural, you can omit the pinning part and wear the hairstyle like a puff if you prefer).

You can see the side swept effect (you can also see the wide elastic band I used for the bun).

In this picture, you see where I pinned the swoop bang above my ear.

Voila, don’t forget to check out my old bun tutorial here, if you require more clarity on achieving the hairstyle. I hope you are all able to recreate my voluminous bun for relaxed, texlaxed and natural hair, if you do please share and tag me on instagram (@wurassecrethair). If you have further questions or any comments/suggestions for the blog please share in the comment section below.


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” – Coco Chanel