Hey my loves just thought to share a bit of an update on what has been happening with my hair and what you can expect from posts to come. Let us start with a bit of a background story, I always took care of my hair myself and even used to relax it myself until when my hair was becoming more difficult for me to self relax which was a result of it being severely under processed. I then decided that I needed a professional to give me a corrective relaxer. I started going to this salon to get my hair relaxed. They did a good job some of the time but I always felt they cut (any sign of progress) my hair too much each time I got my hair relaxed. The final straw was sometime in August 2015 when I got a touch up and my hair was completely chopped off. My hair was so short that I could not even put it in a proper bun.

I made it a duty to grow my hair back (I will be sharing everything I did in a future post) and to stop going to that salon. First and foremost I realised my hair was being severely over processed although they only put the relaxer on the new growth they would comb it in so much to the point where the hair would be completely relaxed bone straight. I incurred several relaxer burns as a result of their relaxing my hair I did a post about that here. I just kept going because I felt since they applied the relaxer to only the new growth at least they were doing something right.

I have done a post on 10 fascinating facts about my hair one of the facts was that my hair is coarse and does not take too well to relaxers and that is why I usually have a lot of texture left in my hair after relaxing it. These people did corrective relaxers on me about two times because they maintained my hair did not take well to relaxers (and did all they could to get my hair to be relaxed bone straight which is against my preference).

This is why I wanted to share this post with everyone who may be suffering from a bad hair stylist please either take matters into your own hands or try out another salon. Here is how to know a good hair stylist:

  • A good hair stylist/hair dresser always listens to you and gives you advice according to your specific wants/needs.
  • They should have the ultimate best interest of your hair at heart and should take pride in the progress of your hair.
  • They should be knowledgeable about good products you can use to improve the health and length of your hair.
  • They should not try to make you do something you are not comfortable with. I am not talking about style wise per se, so a stylist trying to convince you to put a track of colour in your weave might be ok but one who insists you colour your hair when you clearly don’t want to or one who insists that it is good to relax hair that has already been relaxed or insists on any other unhealthy hair practice should be dispensed with.

Anyway at the point when I decided to change hair salons, I contacted my friend Dabs from Naija Hair Can Grow who has a salon. Let us just say that over there the interest of your hair is paramount and I was able to get my hair texlaxed which is actually what I prefer as I enjoy having texture in my hair. I made sure to take great care of my hair (look out for what I did in a future post) after that horrifying hair cut incident and on my texlax day this was the result.

Please stay tuned to my blog as I have a lot of exciting posts to come after this. I will be sharing a post about Valentine’s Day, I got inspiration for that post from Berry’s blog. Also I will be putting up a Hair Challenge very soon and sharing things I did to my hair to get it to grow so fast in 3 months.


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