Hello loves, I am back with a relaxer update. I know it’s been a while since I last blogged and I can attribute this to a combination of trying to juggle everything all at the same time, anyway I am going to be consistent with posts from here on out.

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Now let us get into the relaxer update. I started off my relaxer day prep the night before I was to get my hair relaxed. I used my Wura’s Secret Detangler to go through all of my new growth as well as my entire hair, making sure I detangled in sections. I had to pay particular attention to the roots of my hair because that was where I had the most tangles. I spent a total of one and a half hours detangling my hair. When I was done I applied some V05 Silky Experiences Shea Cashmere Moisturising Conditioner throughout my entire hair and sealed with Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. I then put my hair in about 5 twists.

I got my hair texlaxed on 21st October, 2016, at this point I was exactly 13 weeks post relaxer. I found my hair to be quite manageable during this stretch and I think something which helped was wearing my hair in two braids for about a week as a protective style towards the end of my stretch.  I used the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer in Regular Strength to texlax my hair. I find that this relaxer is milder on my hair than the ORS one so I have decided to use it or the ORS one depending on which is available to me.

I got my hair texlaxed at the Savvy and Chic salon owned by Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow. If you are yet to check out her salon please be sure to, as they do an awesome texlax.

The stylist before applying any relaxer on my hair put some oil around the perimeter of my head. Then she divided my hair into two sections and applied the relaxer to my new growth. I asked her to put the relaxer on my edges last so that they would not be too over processed. I had the relaxer in my hair for a total of 30 minutes and this got my hair texlaxed. Now the reason why the relaxer was left on my hair for an extra 15 minutes, as the standard texlax time is 15 minutes is because my hair is very coarse, low porosity and does not take too easily to relaxers.  The Stylist thereafter applied conditioner to the ends of my hair to prevent relaxer run-off when my hair was being washed.

The relaxer was then rinsed off with water and then my hair was washed twice with the Crème of Nature Neutralizing shampoo. I used a mixture of the Crème of Nature conditioner that came with the relaxer, Wura’s Secret Conditioner and ORS Replenishing Conditioner to deep condition my hair, I went underneath the steamer for a total of 10 minutes.

After the deep conditioner was rinsed off, she sprayed my hair with some detangler I forget the name and proceeded to detangle my hair. She then applied some Hawaiian Silky Moisturiser and ORS Serum to my hair and blow dried my hair straight with a brush in like a brush chase method.

Then she sealed my hair with some Savvy & Chic Shea Butter. She also applied my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp. See the results below:

She did a slight trim of my ends to get rid of some scraggly ends. However I have observed that as more of my hair is texlaxed, the weaker the relaxed ends look so I might cut them all off later but until then I am going to continue babying my ends. I have been thinking of doing a longer term protective style – let’s see how it goes and please watch this space.

I hope you all enjoyed my relaxer update, it would be nice to know how your hair has fared and any protective styles you are thinking of doing.

PS. Please don’t forget to send in your pictures for the New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to win.

I am so ecstatic that this Blog has reached 500,000 views and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this possible and now it’s on to 1,000,000 views.


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