Hello everyone, I am so happy to be sharing my relaxer update. I got my hair texlaxed on Monday, 30th January, 2017. I was able to stretch this particular relaxer for 14 weeks (normally I texlax at the 12 week mark). I can attribute that to my Wura’s Secret Braids Wig which I wore consistently for about 6-7 weeks before getting my hair texlaxed. I know for a fact that without that wig I would not have been able to stretch my hair for as long and as I did. I even feel like I could have stretched for much longer if I wanted to. I found that having my hair in corn rows underneath the wig made my hair less tangled – even at 14 weeks post. I am definitely going to make sure that I wear wigs especially towards the end of my stretch to minimise breakage and tangling.

Anyway I got my hair texlaxed using the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Relaxer I am beginning to think that I may switch to the ORS Olive Oil Relaxer. However I am not too sure yet, my hair seems to like the ORS Relaxer but my scalp not so much. Also I think I am more prone to getting burns with the ORS Relaxer. The only reason I am considering using the ORS Relaxer is that I think it works better for my hair. Anyway I will make up my mind and definitely share my subsequent results/findings if I do decide to go back to the ORS relaxer.

The Night before going to the salon to get my hair texlaxed, I spent time detangling my hair after having it in corn rows for a long period of time underneath the wig. For the detangling process I used only my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil because I felt like if I used a cream or conditioner or anything like that it would make the detangling process more difficult. So I detangled section by section and plaited each section after I was done detangling. I initially had six cornrows done and by the time I was through with detangling I had twelve plaits as I had taken out the corn crows one section at a time divided it in two sections and then detangled. I got to the salon with the 12 plaits still in my hair because I was not about to risk my hair tangling all over again (although I was itching to wear my hair in all its voluminous braid out glory, I knew the pain would not be worth it).

At the salon, the relaxer was applied to my new growth only and as per usual I told the stylist to only put the relaxer on my edges towards the very end. The stylist also applied conditioner to the rest of my hair to prevent any relaxer from getting on my hair when it was being rinsed off. After the processing time was through, the relaxer was first rinsed out. Then my hair was washed twice with the Crème of Nature Neutralizing Shampoo that comes in the relaxer kit. After that I deep conditioned with a steamer for 20 minutes with a mix of Shea Moisture Yucca & Plantain Conditioner, Wura’s Secret Deep Conditioner and Elasta QP Conditioner.

The conditioner was rinsed out and I feel like I did not experience a lot of breakage throughout the texlax process. The stylist applied some Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp and Wura’s  Secret Hair Moisturiser and ORS Serum (heat protectant) to my hair and then proceeded to blow dry my hair. I would have liked to blow dry it straight but after the blow dry I still had a lot of texture left in my hair which I decided to rock anyway.

After the blow drying was done she sealed my hair with some shea butter, which made my hair feel divine. She also gave me a slight trim. However when I got home I realised that I did not like how my ends were looking so I decided to take matters into my own hands to cut my hair straight across.

I felt there was no way I could get the blunt cut I sought on my own so I decided to enlist the help of hubby to cut my hair. I was very scared and so was he, but I made up my mind that he would do it as I did not want to have to go back to the salon. I showed him several pictures so he would see what I wanted. I prepared my mind for the worst thing that could happen and he proceeded to give me the best trim ever. It was blunt – straight across just how I like it and I feel like I did not loose too much length. After the trim I felt so happy/relieved as no one wants straggly ends and there is really no point in hanging on to ends that just have to go.

Here is a comparison picture so you can see the difference between the awesome trim and the former uneven ends. I will let you all know how I intend to care for my hair before my next relaxer. One thing is certain I need to take care of my ends properly (I feel like I neglected them during this stretch). I would be making sure to implement some of the things I mentioned in this post here during this stretch.

What have you all been up to hair wise? If you have any questions or comments do share and I will be glad to respond.

TONKA, xoxo

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