This is an easy hairstyle where you just want to let your hair loose to blow in the wind. The waves of the ocean are my inspiration for this fun wavy look. It is a perfect go-to holiday hair style and is also lovely to wear on a night out with friends.

Scenic shot captured by yours truly of an exquisite beach  on the coast of West Africa – my perfect vacation  spot

Things you will need
Oil to Seal
Hair Band/Alice Band (Optional)

1. Moisturise and seal the hair. Ensure that your hair is not weighed down by the moisturiser. Using too much moisturiser will result in hair that would lack the necessary volume for this style.

You may skip this step if you have already moisturised your hair, you can however use a bit of oil for shine and manageability.

2. Plait/Braid hair into one. I do only one braid because the look I am trying to achieve is a looser wavy look as opposed to a tighter more curly look. If your hair cannot be easily manipulated into one braid then you can braid your hair in two sections. You can leave the braid in over night or for at least thirty minutes. The longer the braid is left in, the wavier the hair will be.

3. Take out the braid and separate gently with your fingers. 

4. Fluff lightly as you go along. Do not comb. If you must comb, do so sparingly making sure not to disturb the curls created by the braids.

5. Use your hands to open up the hair (thereby increasing volume).

Texture shot

6. Add a hair band/alice band to keep hair away from your face and to add some spice.

The final result

I would love to know how this style turns out for you.

PS. This style may turn out slightly different each time.

Many thanks to all my lovely subscribers as well as African Naturalista for featuring my post on “the 10 Cardinal Rules for growing longer and healthier hair” in her blog.


Vincit qui se vincit – She conquers who conquers herself – Latin proverb