1. I part my hair into four sections and work with each section separately.

This is my hair divided into four sections

2. I take a coin sized amount of moisturiser and apply it to each section of my hair making sure I concentrate on the ends of my hair as well as my roots. It is important to concentrate on the ends of the hair because they are the oldest part of the hair and tend to be dryer. I also concentrate on my roots because if you have relaxed hair it is important to ensure that the point where your natural and relaxed hair meet is properly lubricated to prevent breakage at that point of demarcation.

Here I am concentrating on the ends of my hair

3. After moisturising a section I detangle lightly (sometimes with a wide tooth comb, my fingers or not at all) and repeat this throughout the other sections of hair.

4. Then I take a coined sized amount of oil and rub it through my whole head of hair (this is called sealing with an oil) concentrating on the ends of my hair as well as the front and nape sections of my head. I concentrate on my front and nape sections so that my go to style – “the bun” looks sleek and glossy.

When sealing with an oil I might do so in sections (sometimes 2 sections) but usually I just seal my entire head of hair. 

Seal with only a few drops of oil; do not use too much oil to avoid ending up with very oily hair. It is also important not to use too much hair moisturiser.

Please note that there are different ways to moisturise and seal, this is merely a description of how I do mine. You can divide your hair into smaller sections (sometimes I divide my hair into eight sections when I have the time) or larger sections. It is about finding what method works best for you.

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