The holiday season is always one filled with excitement, celebration and gratitude. It is usually a time for holiday parties, dinners, family get-togethers, weddings and such, therefore I came up with the idea of giving you all some style inspiration to rock at these events. 

A group of the most fabulous hair bloggers ever will be showing you their Christmas day look featuring both their hairstyles and the outfits they wore; you will all definitely be spoilt for choice. However on my blog is just a snippet for more pictures and details of their hair styles and stunning outfits, kindly check out their individual blogs.

For my Christmas Day Hairstyle I decided not to use any heat on my hair for this look because heat always seems like such a hassle to me so I took an easier option which was setting my hair with flexi rods overnight, as I am away for the holidays I had nothing to give the curls extra hold. 

I however used my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil whilst rolling my hair with 12 flexi rods. In the morning I took out the rods fluffed my hair separated a part of my hair for the front section and pinned the back of my hair into a bun pinning the ends of my hair inwards to complete the bun look. I was aiming for an ever so slightly messy look.

For my glamorous outfit I went for the colour green as it is a colour for the season and gold accessories because I feel gold is the most opulent, luxurious colour ever.

Here are the pictures of the fabulous bloggers who took part in Jingle Bell Rock to fill you all with good cheer and Christmas spirit.

Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow 

Lesley of Fresh Lengths 

Dr. Fomsky of The Sizzling Mommy

Please don’t forget to check out their blogs for more details of their holiday looks.

Enjoy and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


Be merry all, be merry all,

With holly dress the festive hall;

Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,

To welcome merry Christmas.

~William Robert Spencer