After my recent chop by a Scissor Happy Stylist (read about it here) my hair was so short, I cannot recall my hair ever being that short ever. I decided to do everything I could to make sure that my hair grew back. And now I can share some of the things I did with you all to enable me achieve a good amount of growth in 3 months. Please keep reading:

Use a Hair Growth Scalp Oil (Growth Aid):When you want to boost your hair growth it is important to apply a growth aid to your scalp and to even give your scalp a light massage as you do so. Growth aids such as coconut oil, castor oil and so on may help boost hair growth. There are different growth aid options in the market that claim to speed hair growth it is important to find one which works for you. I oiled my scalp everyday with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil which is a scalp oil that promotes growth. I always made sure to massage the oil into every part of my hair.

Do Periodic Deep Conditioning Treatments: It is important to do regular deep conditioning treatments after shampooing your hair this will improve the overall health and length of your hair. To boost my hair growth I made sure to deep condition my hair more frequently i.e. weekly, this helps to promote the health of your hair. I always made sure to balance protein and moisture (read more about this here) and always used some form of heat during my deep conditioning sessions which was mainly through my soft hood hair dryer attachment, I have a review here.

Moisturise and Seal regularly: We all know that dry hair is prone to breakage. Therefore for your hair to stay hydrated it is important to moisturise with a hair moisturiser (so as to put moisture into the hair) and to seal with an oil (to lock in the moisture). I moisturised and sealed every day. I found that if you want to keep your tips looking blunt and as healthy as possible you should use coconut oil to seal. I made sure to seal with coconut oil mostly except when it was harmattan season and I was using the LOC method of moisturising so I would apply some shea butter on top of the coconut oil.

Protective Styles are Key/Keep your Hair Protected:It is important to keep your hair protected in a protective style. I wore a short term protective style in the 3 months which was a bun. I took it down every day to moisturise and seal then it was back to a bun again. I believe that sometimes over styling your hair can lead to breakage we need to know when to leave well enough alone. It is also important to keep your hair protected at night whilst you sleep by wearing a satin/silk scarf or bonnet to bed. Also minimise the amount of heat you use to style or dry your hair and if you must use heat always use a heat protectant prior to applying heat on your hair.

These subsequent tips apply to those with relaxed/texlaxed hair:
No overly long stretches: We all know that stretching in between relaxers is good for the health of our hair however it is important to know whether your hair benefits from stretching for a long period of time. If it does not, you might want to limit stretching your relaxers to between 10-12 weeks. For my particular head of hair I tend to relax my hair at 12 weeks. There is no need for me to stretch to 16 or 20 weeks because it just makes the relaxer day more tedious and leads to breakage whereby I am not able to retain as much length.

Reduce Manipulation at the 8 week mark: At the 8 week mark you may want to start wearing your wigs more frequently or you may get your hair braided or have a sew in/weave on installed to reduce manipulation. If you are like me and you do not enjoy the above styles you can simply just reduce manipulation by limiting styling, combing, washing and so on at the 8 week point. When my hair was about 8 weeks post I stopped washing/deep conditioning weekly and instead I washed my hair every two weeks to reduce manipulation.

Protect previously relaxed hair when getting a touch up: A reason why some people might not see any change in the length of their hair is because they do not practice good relaxer day habits or protect their hair properly prior to getting a relaxer. It is therefore very important to coat your hair thoroughly with a thick cream before getting your relaxer to ensure you do not relax hair that is already relaxed. Also ensure that you or your hair stylist do not apply any relaxer to already relaxed hair as this leads to breakage which will not translate to longer hair at the end of the touch up. Before getting my hair texlaxed I thoroughly applied my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my scalp and coated the ends of my hair most especially with a thick cream I used the ORS Carrot Oil Hair Cream and ensured that relaxer was not applied to my previously texlaxed hair.

    If anyone reading this needs a boost in hair growth I would definitely recommend that you try out the above tips to kick start your growth. Please share how you boost your hair growth or how you will incorporate the above tips to boost your hair growth.

    TONKABELLE, xoxo

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