Let’s face it the majority of us want thicker hair. This is because thicker hair can usually hold a style better and really looks beautiful in all its voluminous, radiant glory. Most hairstyles look better when your hair is thicker and with thicker hair you can get away with styling your hair without the use of any hair extensions.

Although your genes play a factor in the thickness of your hair, there are other factors that might affect your hair’s thickness or cause thinning hair such as stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, improper hair care practices, illness, and so on. There have been periods where my hair has not been as thick but the thickness has come over time and I will be sharing with you all the necessary tips and tricks to help you grow thicker hair.

Deep Condition Regularly/Use a protein deep conditioner: It is important to deep condition your hair regularly to ensure that your hair is adequately nourished which will in turn lead to thicker hair. It is also important that you deep condition with protein deep conditioners as often as your hair will allow. This is because the protein in the deep conditioner will fortify and rebuild the hair shaft which will in turn lead to thicker, hair.

Hot Oil Treatments/Pre shampoo Treatments: It is necessary to do hot oil treatments/pre shampoo treatment with beneficial natural oils which are proven to actually work to stimulate hair growth and improve its thickness over time such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil which help to improve the overall condition of your hair thus giving thicker hair

Scalp massages with natural oils: It is important for people who want to have thicker hair to massage oils into their scalp which provide the hair with benefits which will include thicker hair. There are many natural oils that can be applied to the scalp which would cause the hair to be thicker over time such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, castor oil, amla oil, mustard oil.

Minimise the amount of heat you use on your hair: If you truly want thicker hair then it is important that you limit the amount of direct heat you use on your hair. If you are constantly blow drying your hair, flat ironing it or using other heat styling tools, your hair will become dry and brittle over time which will eventually lead to breakage which would cause thinner hair. Instead of blow drying, try air drying or a roller setting your hair. Rather than use curling irons/ tongs try bantu knot outs, twist outs, flexi rods sets (where the curls are set on damp hair and allowed to air dry) here is an example of the flexi rod curls I achieved without the use of any form of heat.

Detangle gently: If anytime you want to detangle your hair, you do so roughly without taking extra care; your hair would lose volume over time and break off. For thicker hair however it is important that you are careful when you are detangling your hair to keep as many strands as possible on your head. It is important to find the particular method/s that works for you in detangling your hair which would cause minimal breakage; this could be finger detangling, detangling with a conditioner in your hair, detangling in sections with a wide tooth comb. Experiment with various methods until you find what works for you.

Protective styling: Protective styles are styles where the ends of your hair are protected. These styles are crucial to maintaining/improving the health of your hair and aids in our quest for thicker hair. This is because when the hair is kept in a protective style it is less prone to external elements which may cause breakage and damage over time, thereby resulting in thicker, healthier hair. With protective styles you should avoid tight hairstyles that will pull at the hair and cause breakage or hair loss otherwise known as traction alopecia. Also in styling your hair do not use anything that can cause your hair to snag such as poorly made hair pins and other hair accessories, hair bands with the metal part, etc. It is important to always sleep with a satin/silk scarf/bonnet or on a satin/silk pillow case.

Take care of your ends: It is important that you take care of your ends in your quest for thicker hair. If your ends keep breaking off or they look straggly or thin they will not help the overall appearance of your hair and your hair may seem limp and unhealthy. So when you are deep conditioning focus the deep conditioner to all parts of your hair including the ends, the same applies for when you are moisturising and sealing it is crucial that we pay particular attention to the ends of our hair which will in turn translate to thicker hair.

Moisturise and seal your hair: A reason why our hair may not be as thick is due to breakage which may be caused by dry hair which is not properly moisturised and sealed. It is necessary to moisturise and seal regularly with products that work best for our hair. This can be done daily, twice daily, every other day, twice or once a week, it is all about finding out what works best for your hair. The moisturiser should contain water as its first ingredient and should not contain ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil and other substances that can clog the hair shaft. Effective moisturising and sealing methods will result in hair that is more supple, healthy, longer and thicker.

Do not abuse chemical treatments: Some people might opt to use chemical processes on their hair such as relaxers, texturisers, hair dye and so on. This in itself is not a bad thing, what is bad however is when the chemical treatments are done incorrectly and not according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example for anyone who get’s their hair relaxed there are several important precautions to follow when getting your relaxer done please read this post here for more details. However to sum it up it is important when getting your hair relaxed to protect the previously relaxed hair and relax only the new growth, it is also beneficial to the hair if it is not relaxed bone straight and it is also important to use a neutralizing shampoo to wash your hair thoroughly with about 3 to 4 or more washes to ensure that all the relaxer is out of your hair. Also after shampooing use a protein reconstructor/protein deep conditioner on your hair to help rebuild the hair shaft that has been compromised by the chemicals in the relaxer. It is possible to use chemical treatments and still have thick hair; I am an example, it is just important to make sure that you use these treatments properly so that the health, length and thickness of your hair is not hampered.

If you are relaxed, try texlaxing & stretching your relaxers: I explain all about how to texlax in a previous post here. Texlaxing is when you intentionally under process the hair when getting your hair relaxed. There are several methods to doing this which I have explained in my previously linked texlaxing post. The act of under processing the hair allows the hair to appear thicker because the hair is not relaxed bone straight and the amount of texture left in the hair gives it a thicker appearance.

Also try stretching the amount of time you have in between relaxers. For example if you get your hair relaxed every 8 weeks you can stretch to about 10 weeks. When you are stretching embrace your new growth do hairstyles that will look nice with your new growth this is not the time to start brushing your hair into submission trying to make it look as flat as possible as this could lead to breakage and loss of thickness over time. Styles such as the faux bob, voluminous bun, actually look nicer with new growth so embrace these styles the further you go into your stretch. You can also make the stretch easier by getting braids, weave/weave-on and so on just make sure you care for your hair properly whilst in these styles.

Maintain a Healthy Diet/Be Healthy: It is important to eat a good diet with all the food groups especially with foods that contain protein, Vitamin B, omega 3 fatty acids, biotin as these food groups aid healthy hair. Also do drink as much water as you can and exercise regularly.

I thank you my lovelies for reading this post of mine, if you found it helpful please share. I would also appreciate your comments, if you have any questions relating to this topic or any others please share them in the comment section below and I will be sure to answer them. If you have any other methods that have given you thicker hair please share as well so that we can all benefit.


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