When deep conditioning our hair it is important to make sure the hair is properly saturated with hair conditioner. This can be achieved by applying the deep conditioner in smaller sections of hair; till the entire head of hair is done. The following illustrates how:

1. After shampooing your hair and towel drying, begin to apply the deep conditioner on slightly damp hair.

2. Mentally divide your hair into about six – eight vertical (i.e. straight down) sections (this is how I do it however your sections may be more or less than six – eight)

3. In each section apply the conditioner like you would a hair dye (which simply means spread it on quite thick). Take the conditioner and apply it to the tips of the hair first, then work your way upwards towards the roots avoiding your scalp area as much as you can. (try to use an ample amount of conditioner to coat your hair properly)

4. Repeat this on other sections of hair and comb the conditioner through your hair. Combing can also be done in sections. This will ensure an even and proper product distribution and will also detangle the hair.

5. After you are done applying all of the conditioner, secure the hair with a hair band/hair clip and cover with a plastic cap

6. Seat under a hair dryer (direct heat) for 10 -15 minutes. Alternatively you can leave the conditioner in your hair for about one hour or so (most times I leave it in for about 4 hours without direct heat however do whatever feels best for you) without direct heat, your body heat will work in this case.

7. Rinse conditioner with cold water, this will help close the hair cuticles and seal in the moisture

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