In your quest for longer and healthier hair, you may decide to wear your hair out more often so that you can understand your hair better. I believe that you can achieve longer and healthier hair using properly installed braids and weaves but for those times when you want to give your hair a break, the bun comes in handy. Also for people who do not particularly care for weaves or braids, the bun is an easy go to style.

The bun is one of the most versatile hair styles ever because it suits most occasions, it is easy to do and requires little time. Bunning is a very good protective style because it protects the hair from external elements and prevents over manipulation.

My curly bun

However a major concern with bunning is that it can get monotonous after a while. Hence the need to switch it up and make it different each time. It also leads to breakage when it is always done in the exact same spot. 

This blog will feature various ways to spice up the beloved bun brought to you by yours truly (a.k.a. the Queen of Buns).

With this look I try to recreate the fullness of the buns usually seen on natural hair on my relaxed hair.

Things you will need
Hair Moisturiser
Oil to Seal
1-2 hair pins
A wide elastic hair band. NB. not a pony tail holder

Method (Curly Variation)

1. Moisturise and seal the hair. Ensure that your hair is not weighed down by the moisturiser. Using too much moisturiser will result in hair that would lack volume for this style because it is vital that the hair has some hold.

You may skip this step if you have already moisturised your hair, you can however use a bit of oil for shine and manageability.

2. Braid your hair in two sections. You can leave the braids in overnight or for at least thirty minutes. The longer the braids are left in, the curlier the hair will be. The reason why I recommend braids is because it helps to give hair more volume and pretty curls. If you prefer you can do as little as one braid or up to 20 braids. I just prefer doing the two braids method because it is faster and works for me. 

Here is an example of the braids in my hair, I do not try to make it perfect or anything.

3. Take out the braids and separate them gently with your fingers, fluffing them lightly as you go along. Do not comb. If you must comb, do so very lightly making sure not to disturb the curls created by the braids.

4. Use your hands and open up the hair (thereby increasing volume) with each hand working the crown and nape (back) sections of the hair respectively.

5. Pull your wide elastic hair band over your head and let it fall to your neck, slowly lift it up unto your head gently until it gets to the position you want it.

6. You may tilt you hair upside down to add slight volume (optional). Then pin the hair at the base (beneath) of the wide elastic band with as many pins as required while forming the bun shape. I however used just one pin for this look. You may use two or more hair pins for extra hold.

The final result.

This bun usually turns out different each time. It can be done on shorter or longer hair. If you do not have a wide elastic band to do this style, please subscribe to stay tuned for future posts when I show you how to do this style using only hair pins.


Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. – Ralph Waldo Emerson