Hey loves,

Please forgive me for being inconsistent with posts and for not posting the hair growth challenge like I promised. I have decided to postpone the challenge till after I relax/retouch my hair again. I am currently about 10 weeks or so post relaxer so my hair has shrunk a great deal and I do not want to flat iron my hair to take a proper length check photo for the start of the hair growth challenge. So I will wait till my next relaxer/touch up when I will straighten/flat iron my hair and we can start the hair growth challenge in earnest. 

Anyway I need to tell you all about my recent setback where I experienced my entire edges/hairline breaking off after getting my hair relaxed. I kid you not the pains I felt during the relaxer process felt almost worse than labour pains. I wondered why my hair should hurt so much and I guess the aftermath was breakage to my entire edges/hairline.

This is how sparse my edges looked at the beginning

I have gradually started nursing my hair back to health and I decided to share some before and after pictures with you all. For anyone who may be going through problems with hair breakage at their edges you can refer to this post here.

After about 5 weeks of applying the oil to my edges
All I was doing to restore my edges back to its normal fullness was applying my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil to my edges and scalp every day or every other day and massaging the oil lightly in. I also added this Oil to my deep conditioning treatments as well. Although I still have some way to go I can see how much progress I have made already with these photos.

Until my next post, my darlings.


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow” – Mary Anne Radmacher