Hot Oil Treatments promote long and healthy hair and are an effective way to ensure that our hair receives adequate and proper nourishment. It is a process whereby oils are heated and applied to the hair for a required amount of time, with or without an external heat source. It ensures that the hair remains healthy and is an excellent remedy to treat damaged, dry or chemically treated hair.

Here is a recipe to try out:


Plastic Cap
Small bowl for the oils
A tablespoon
1 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 -2 tablespoons of jojoba oil
1 -2 tablespoons of grape seed oil

Please note that the above listed oils can be substituted with any other oils at your disposal such as sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil and so on.


Add the oils into a bowl and mix them together properly.


1. Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb and part hair into four sections to enable you work within each section (you can slightly dampen your hair prior to sectioning if you prefer). 

It is best to section hair with fingers only at this point. 

2. Heat the oil by either placing the bowl of oil in a pot of hot water or popping the oil mix into a microwave for a few minutes; the oil should be warm and not hot. 

3. Part each section into four smaller sections and apply the oil to the scalp and the entire length of your hair concentrating on the mid section and the ends until the entire hair is coated with oil. 

4. Cover hair with a plastic cap and go under a hooded hair dryer or steamer.

If you do not have a hair dryer/steamer however you can try placing a hot towel (make it hot by dipping in hot water and wringing the excess water out) over the plastic cap. Another alternative is to use a regular hand held blow dryer for about 5 minutes and then cover the hair with a towel. 

5. Leave on hair for at least 15 minutes with heat or about 30 minutes or more without heat (depending on how long you can stand it). 

6. Rinse off, then begin the washing process.

Hot Oil Treatments are quite luxurious and ensure that the hair is fortified and replenished with moisture and other valuable nutrients. I would love to know if anyone has done a hot oil treatment, their experience and recipes or whether others will consider it as a possible option for healthy hair.

I wish everyone a glamorous December.


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