Hey lovelies, hope you are all fine. I just wanted to do a quick post on hair salons. Now if you are on a journey to longer and healthier hair you have several options. Either to do everything yourself, go to a salon to get it done or you are somewhere in the middle.

If you tend to do everything yourself then more power to you. After all it is not absolutely necessary for everyone to go to the hair salon. I have tried to do everything myself in the past and the only reason I stopped is because my hair ended up having different textures and some parts of it were left under processed while I was self relaxing. Now I go to the hair salon only to get my hair relaxed or I might wash my hair in the salon if I am really pressed for time however this hardly happens.

I just thought to write this post for anyone who wants to grow their hair healthy and long without having to do everything themselves. (Believe me you are not the only one there are times I feel too tired to wash my hair). Going to the hair salon does not have to spell doom to your hair however you have two options either to go to a hair salon which practices healthy hair care or to teach your hair stylist how to properly  care for your hair. Either way it is a win win situation, with the end result being fabulously healthy hair.

If you go to a salon which practices healthy hair care then you are all right (however let us face the truth – several hair salons in Nigeria do not aim to practice healthy hair practices for hair growth). If however you have to teach or direct your hair stylist on proper hair care methods the following might be helpful:

Direct you stylist on each step and what each product is meant for as well as any techniques you might prefer:  If you want to do a pre shampoo treatment before washing your hair or spend some extra time under the steamer to make sure your deep conditioner penetrates properly, explain everything.

Insist on using your own products if you can: Using your own products will ensure that you know whether or not your hair is responding to a certain treatment. However if you trust the salon brand used in the hair salon this may not be a problem for you.

Do not hesitate to speak out if your hair stylist is doing something you are uncomfortable with: For example if you are relaxing your hair and your stylist wants to start applying the relaxer without basing your scalp then you need to speak up so that things will be done properly. 

As long as the above can be implemented you are well on your way to long and healthy hair with a little help from your trusted stylist. Kindly share any good or bad experiences you had in the hair salon.


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