Hello to all my lovelies, I hope you have been following the rules of the Hair Growth Challenge please don’t forget that it ends on the 14th of September 2016. If you have been slacking off you have about 3 months or thereabouts to get on track to do everything you need to do to grow your hair. This post is just a reminder that we are at the halfway point and to encourage us all to get back into the swing of things. I am also going to be sharing my progress pictures.

Now, the essence of this Hair Growth Challenge is to ensure that we have as much growth as possible within 6 months. The rules are quite easy to follow and I will just be running through all of them so that I can let you know how I have fared and for you all also to evaluate yourselves to see how far you have come over the past 3 months with this Hair Growth Challenge. Now let us get into the Rules:

Wash and Deep Condition weekly or every other week: I have definitely been washing and deep conditioning my hair every week or two weeks and I must say that I have been doing more weekly washes. I need to stay up on this till the end of the Hair Growth Challenge.

Do a pre-shampoo treatment or hot oil treatment prior to washing Hair (optional): I have been doing pre shampoo treatments before washing my hair. I have however not done any hot oil treatments but as the Hair Growth Challenge provides for either pre shampoo or hot oil treatments I believe that I am on the right track. Please note that this rule is optional and does not have to be followed by everyone participating in the Hair Growth Challenge.

Moisturise and seal hair daily or every other day: For the most part I have moisturised and sealed daily or at least every other day.

Oil your scalp daily with a Growth Aid: I have been oiling my scalp every day with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil. I may have missed one or two days here and there but for the most part I have been consistent.

Keep your hair in Protective Styles: I have kept my hair in buns or my new go to style which is like a faux bob/pinned up hair do with a side swept bang or some variation of this. I will share pictures of the style later or you can check my photos on instagram here. I like the style because it is more glamorous than your usual bun and gives me a different look.

Air dry your hair after washing it: I have been air drying my hair every time after washing and deep conditioning except for the time when I got my relaxer.

Stretch your relaxers to at least 8 weeks: I stretched my relaxer to about 12 weeks so I am good with this rule. The minimum time permitted to get a touch up in this Hair Growth Challenge is 8 weeks.

Now let us get into some progress pictures so we can see how far my hair has come. I would also advise you all especially those taking part in the hair challenge to take some photos at this mid way point (you can also send your pictures to wurassecret@gmail.com). These pictures will allow us to see how much work we need to do before the end of the Hair Growth Challenge and give us time to review or tweak our regimen if necessary. Please don’t forget that there is an awesome prize up for grabs for Lagos, Nigeria residents (please see the Hair Growth Challenge Rules here for more details. However the rest of my lovely readers are all encouraged to participate as the end result of longer, healthier hair will be as good a prize as any. Anyway let us get into the progress pictures:

Now let us compare it to my pictures at the start of the Hair Growth Challenge you would see that my hair is longer and my bun is fuller. 

I would be working towards making sure I achieve good results by following the rules of the Hair Growth Challenge and I hope you all do the same. I wish everyone the very best results with the remainder of the Hair Growth Challenge.


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