Hey lovelies hope you are all having a fabulous Monday, it is a public holiday over here so I am glad to put my feet up and take it easy. Anyway remember I said I cut my hair in about February this year, although I took no pictures of the cut itself. However I was able to find this slightly old picture which I compared against my recent relaxer results. You will be able to see how much my hair grew from April to July this year.

The only thing I have been doing to my hair is moisturising and sealing it every day or every other day using mainly my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Products, getting it washed and deep conditioned using a steamer every two weeks and always keeping it in a bun. Enjoy!!!

I will be getting braids installed soon and will be doing a personal braids hair growth challenge, I hope some of you getting braids or other longer term protective styles such as weaves will be able to use some of the rules as a guide to gaining some good length.

I look forward to any questions or comments you may have, see you soon in my next one.


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