This is my second post in the Hair Ephiphany series telling you all of another wonderful hair discovery. If you have hair that gets tangled during wash days especially when your hair is a few weeks post relaxer and the new growth starts to set in or if your hair is natural and prone to tangles during wash days, you may want to try washing your hair in sections, twists or braids. This may seem like a laborious process but it actually saves times because it will be quicker to style your hair after washing and conditioning it particularly if you experience tangles at this stage.

I usually wash my hair in twists; I will describe how I wash my hair below. You can try it out or modify it slightly till you find what works for you.

1. First I divide my hair into four sections, to enable me work with each section separately.

2. For each I section, I divide the hair into three or four smaller sections then I apply a bit of oil to the entire length, comb through with a wide tooth comb and twist that section.

3. I repeat this process throughout my entire head of hair until my hair is properly detangled and set in about 12-16 twists.

4. I then cover my hair with a plastic cap for about an hour or longer depending on how much time I have. This is how I do my pre shampoo treatments. For more details on pre-shampoo treatments do check out my post here.

5. After one hour I proceed to shampoo my hair without undoing the twists. What I find is that the twists tend to unravel during the washing process so before I wash my hair I take about 3 or 4 ouchless bands and place them before the ends of the twists  which I usually group into 2, 3 or 4 groups depending on what I feel like.

6. To deep condition I take out each twist apply deep conditioner comb through and twist the hair back up again. I do this throughout my entire head and secure all the conditioner saturated twists with an ouchless band or two .

7. When rinsing off the deep conditioner I rinse first with the bands still near the ends, then I take the bands off and rinse the hair thoroughly.

Hope this method helps someone. Do you already wash your hair in sections, kindly share or is this something you will be willing to try out?

For all those you who participated in the New Year Perfection Hair Growth Challenge I hope you noticed an improvement in your hair. If you took part kindly send an email to (with or without pictures) I will love to hear how everyone’s hair fared.

I apologise to all those who have sent emails to which I have not responded I am going to start responding to all your lovely emails as soon as possible.

I wish you all a Wonderful New Year!!!


Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come whispering “it will be happier” – Alfred Tennyson