Hey to all my lovely followers and readers I am sure that you are all aware that I have been gone for a really long time and I must apologise for my absence. Anyways I am back now and I must say that I have missed blogging so much and sharing pictures with you all and so on. I am sure we all know how hectic life can get sometimes however things are settling down with work and life and so on so I can resume my regular blogging schedule.

Since getting married I have been all over the place with work and getting settled so I had opted for the easier and simpler option of just maintaining shoulder length hair so I got a hair cut after my wedding/honeymoon in November. For now this length works fine for me as I can still put my hair in a bun and create one of my more dramatic bun looks although I must say that it appears there are more styling options with arm pit length hair. However my hair is easier to maintain and manage and I am loving every minute of this. I intend to start growing my hair out seriously in the New Year and I would be hosting a fabulous hair growth challenge in this regard.

Never fret the month of May has a lot of wonderful posts in store for you all. I would be hosting a personal hair challenge which will come a bit later on in the Month. This challenge will focus on getting thicker hair that is full of body.

I have been living in mostly buns most days and I have been toying with getting a weave later in June for a different look.

Anyways I went on holiday recently and I must say that for all you African ladies/gents who just want to go on a quick trip you should consider exploring Africa itself. You would be amazed at the sheer beauty of it all without having to go too far from home and worrying about things like visas, food, long flights and so on. Here are some pictures of my shoulder length hair in a bun while on my vacay:

Please stay tuned to my lovely blog as I do have another informative hair related post coming up shortly. 


“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of” – Markus Zusak , I am the Messenger