Hello my loves, Happy New Year. It’s been a while and it seems like last year just disappeared in a flurry. We are indeed thankful to God for this Fabulous New Year and we stand firm in the faith that the glory of the Lord in this New Year will be greater than the former years. Although I am yet to make my blogging resolutions, I am sure that I want to have more regular posts and this brings me to the post for today – The Green Tea Rinse. The most common of all tea rinses is the black tea rinse which is beneficial for shedding I have a post on it here. However some people’s hair may not take too kindly to the black tea rinse because it might leave their hair feeling too stiff. This is a problem I have experienced myself; therefore a beneficial option could be the green tea rinse. This is because Green Tea softens and yet strengthens the hair.

Green tea rinses are highly beneficial to the scalp and promotes scalp health preventing dandruff, psoriasis and other scalp issues. Green tea also stimulates hair growth and prevents shedding as the antioxidants found in green tea stimulate the hair follicles. Green tea also conditions the hair as it contains polyphenols, vitamins C, E, B5 (panthenol). It is therefore quite different from black tea in that it acts a conditioner whereas black tea does not.

The amount of tea you use will vary depending on a person’s hair needs and what works for them. However anything from 2-8 bags is an adequate amount of tea. Simply steep the tea bags in hot water (in a medium sized bowl) for ten to fifteen minutes and allow to cool down with the tea bags still in it or you can take them out. You can also choose to leave the tea bags in overnight in the fridge so that it is very strong. Once the tea is cool it is ready to use.

Green tea can be used in a variety of ways and I will outline a few of them below:

After shampooing your hair and drying it, take the bowl or pitcher of green tea and pour it over your hair slowly concentrating on your scalp and massaging it in. You can also put the green tea in a bottle with an applicator tip or you can use a regular bottle and punch a hole in the cap (excellent diy alternative). After pouring it over your hair, cover your hair with a plastic cap anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. Rinse out and then you may follow up with a deep conditioner on your hair, cover hair and leave for the required amount of time and then rinse. You can also skip the conditioner step as green tea works well as a conditioner and simply rinse it out.

An alternative to the above method is that after pouring the tea on your hair and leaving it on for the required amount of time under a plastic cap, you do not rinse out but apply your deep conditioner over it. Or you can pour the tea on your hair and immediately after, apply your deep conditioner over it and then cover hair for the required amount of time and rinse.

Or you can also use green tea as a final rinse after shampooing and conditioning your hair simply pour over your hair, making sure to massage it in, you can leave it in or rinse it out after 10 – 30 minutes and then towel dry.

Green tea is an excellent remedy to promote hair growth. Please let me know whether you have tried it before or if it is a remedy you would consider trying. If you do try it out please do not forget to share your results on the blog. Also do get ready for the hair challenge I would be posting really soon.

PS. It is important to give yourself a good scalp massage when doing the green tea rinse so that your scalp gets optimal benefits from the rinse.


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