Hey lovelies, I know it has been a while, hope everyone is fine. I am really going to try to update more and have loads of lovely things planned for this blog so do stay tuned. The reason behind this post is primarily due to popular demand. I have received a lot of emails on this issue and decided to take a closer look to see if there are actually foods that can encourage and stimulate healthy hair growth and which are easily available as well.

First off please note that the number and quality of hair products you use on your hair do not compare to a healthy, balanced and proper diet. A healthy and well balanced diet is necessary for general health (even your general appearance as well) and may also aid with the overall health of hair as well as an increase in hair growth.  Crash diets, starvation diets, and other unhealthy diets as well as inadequate and unbalanced diets may actually retard hair growth and lead to breakage. An unhealthy diet which consists of vast quantities of refined sugar, salt, animal fats will lead to weak and potentially damaged hair. Similarly an unhealthy lifestyle which involves excessive drinking and smoking is also detrimental to hair health. However foods which contain protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, silica, copper, zinc, beta-carotene actually improve the health of your hair. You will also notice that these foods which stimulate hair growth are also excellent for general well being and a healthy lifestyle so here goes:

1. Salmon: This fish is an excellent source of protein, iron and vitamin B12 which are all important for hair growth. These nutrients hydrate the hair shaft and improve the hair’s overall texture. Salmon also contains loads of omega three fatty acids which is important for the brain, skin and scalp. Other good substitutes include sardine, herring, mackerel.

2. Beans: Beans are a very healthy food source as they contain protein, biotin, zinc, iron and other beneficial nutrients which are essential for healthy hair and scalp as well as overall health.

3. Dark green vegetables: These are an excellent source of vitamin A and C as well as beta-carotene, iron and calcium which help in the production of sebum which is essential for healthy hair which leads to hair growth. They also improve the condition of the hair and protect the hair shaft. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli are good sources of these nutrients.

4. Nuts: It is a well known fact that nuts are vital for good health they are also beneficial in growing long and healthy hair as they contain selenium, alpha-linolenic omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and so on which promote scalp health and prevent hair loss. Various nuts are beneficial for hair such as almonds, walnuts, groundnuts, brazil nuts, pecans.

5. Oysters: Oysters contain a lot of zinc which is beneficial for hair growth and can prevent hair loss. There are loads of other options to try such as crabs, clams and so on.

6. Poultry: It is no secret that hair is made up of protein it therefore makes sense to eat foods with protein to encourage healthy hair. Poultry such as chicken and turkey are very beneficial for overall health and hair health as well as they contain essential nutrients such as protein and iron in abundance. Poultry will promote a healthy scalp and reduce hair breakage and prevent dryness.

7. Eggs: If you are a frequent reader of this blog you will know that if you are suffering from hair breakage you can add a whole egg to your deep conditioner which can help stop breakage in its tracks. Therefore consuming eggs will give untold benefits to the hair as it one of the best sources of protein available. Eggs also contain vitamin B12 and biotin which are beauty minerals.

8. Whole grains: Everyone knows that whole grains are awesome for a healthy diet however they are also beneficial to the hair and actually encourage hair growth. Foods such as whole wheat bread and whole grain cereal promote healthy hair follicles as they contain zinc, iron and B vitamins.

9. Carrots: These vegetables are a good source of vitamin A which encourages a healthy scalp and leads to healthy hair.

10. Lean Red Meat: Red Meat in moderation is an excellent source of iron which actually prevents hair loss and baldness thereby encouraging hair growth.

Other excellent foods for hair growth include bananas, oats, raisins, fruits and vegetables,

Finally remember that your hair ultimately reflects your body’s overall health. If your body is healthy and well nourished your hair will be your shining glory. It is advisable to ensure that all your nutrients are gotten from food however if you are unable to do so a good multivitamin will help.

PS. I hope you are all sticking with rules of the Birthday Hair Growth Challenge we should all have fabulous hair in no time. In other news, I am so thrilled that Candice Glover won American Idol, her story should inspire us all to be the best we can be and to never give up on our dreams regardless of how difficult it may seem or how long it takes.


“You say I’ll never be good enough, knock me down won’t help me up and you always say the right thing to make me hurt but I don’t hear you ’cause I’m listening to his words. And he says I am beautiful” – Candice Glover, I am beautiful