Most people know that eggs are an excellent source of protein; so we all try to include it in our diets. However eggs also function as protein when used in our hair, so we can reap all the benefits a protein treatment gives the hair while using eggs. They also contain sulphur and vitamin B.

Eggs are crucial for those with damaged hair i.e. hair that is unusually soft and breaks easily, over processed hair (which may be as a result of improper or excessive use of relaxers, colouring/dyeing the hair and so on), hair that is regularly styled with heat and so on. Eggs which are a form of animal protein give the hair strength, stops and prevents hair breakage, stops and prevents excessive hair shedding and promotes hair growth and thickness. I have used in eggs in the past to take my hair from a damaged state to where it is now. Currently I hardly need to use eggs as often; if you have damaged hair or you just want to give your hair an extra boost eggs are an excellent choice.

Everyone can reap the benefits of an egg treatment – both relaxed and natural hair. However it is likely that relaxed hair may need more protein treatments as opposed to natural hair, however it depends on what works for your hair. Eggs are a natural, cheaper alternative and are easily accessible. Although the use of eggs can be quite messy and it does not always smell so great the benefits are immense. Below are a few recipes to try:

Egg deep conditioner: After shampooing your hair, take one whole egg (or 2 if your hair is longer) and beat lightly with a fork. When the egg has been properly mixed apply it to your hair, making sure to work in sections so that the hair is well saturated with the egg mixture. You may decide to seal in the egg with some olive oil (this is optional), then cover hair with a plastic cap and leave in your hair for about 15 – 30 minutes and then rinse out with cool water. It is important to follow up with a moisture deep conditioner because it is likely that your hair will be hard after using this treatment.

Another alternative would be using one egg (or 2 if your hair is longer) and 1-2 tablespoons of Olive oil or Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, mix both ingredients properly and then apply to your hair in sections. Cover your hair with a plastic cap then after about 15 – 30 minutes rinse the mixture off with cool water and follow up with a moisture deep conditioner. I have previously explained that it is important to follow up with a moisture treatment after using a protein deep conditioner (protein treatment); this restores the moisture protein balance of the hair. However to speed up the process you can mix the egg, moisture deep conditioner and oil together in a bowl and apply to your hair in sections,  cover hair with a plastic cap, leave on for about 30 minutes – an hour and rinse with cool water. This will not require you to follow up with a moisture treatment. 

Please note that for these egg treatment recipes one should not apply external heat to the hair or else the eggs will cook in your hair.

I shall be sharing more egg treatment recipes, do watch this space. It will be lovely for you to share your own recipes or how you intend to incorporate them in your hair treatments?


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