Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well I just wanted to share the details of how to achieve this Retro Pin up Scarf Hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types.  Like I have mentioned in previous posts, I love buns but I have found that they can get quite monotonous after a while as I hardly ever wear hair extensions, braids and things like that, so I was getting quite fed up with wearing my simple bun every day. So I came up with the voluminous faux bob which is a variation of the voluminous bun hairstyle.

I have been wearing the voluminous bob hairstyle for some time now and I was also getting a bit bored with it. So this morning since it was a Friday I decided to use one of my hair scarves to give a different spin to the voluminous bob look. For some inspiration I watched this youtube video by Pinup Doll Ashley Marie.

Now Ashley Marie has different hair from me and she was doing a lot of backcombing, although backcombing adds a lot of volume to the hair it can also be quite damaging so I decided to skip that step, particularly as we have different hair types with African hair being more fragile. My variation on back combing is the fluffing/opening out hair step which I describe in a previous post linked below. Also because I was in a rush to get out of the house in the morning I did not have enough time to fluff the hair to give it a lot of volume but I did try.

I must say that the retro pin up scarf hairstyle was a huge success; I got loads of compliments wearing it. Who knew that a simple accessory a hair scarf in this case could make a world of difference? I would like to encourage everyone to do things with their own hair, experiment and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish styling your own hair. If you would like to find out how I achieved this Retro Pin up Scarf hairstyle please keep reading for the instructions:

  • Moisturise and seal your hair but be sure that when you are doing this you do not apply a lot of product as your hair must not be weighed down. If it is you would not be able to achieve a very voluminous look.
  • Next section the front part of your hair in a sort of u shape, this shape gives the best sort of pinned up curl (pin it out of the way as we will work with it later)
  • We will work with the back section first. Take your hair and fluff/open it up, for details on how to fluff/open up your hair please read this post.
  • After the hair at the back has been fluffed out and you have gained the required amount of volume fold the ends of your hair inwards and pin.
  • Next take your scarf and tie it around the perimeter of your head covering your ears slightly (you would stop just under the section that has been pinned out of the way). When you are tying your scarf round your head make sure that it is wide enough so that it looks like a scarf and not a head band.
  • Then take the front section of your hair (and backcomb it the tiniest bit) and curl it as if you were about to put that section of your hair in a big roller then pin it in place.

Voila! Your Retro Pin up Scarf Hairstyle is done. Hope you enjoyed this hairstyle tutorial and you were able to understand the instructions. If there is any hairstyle tutorial you would like me to feature please share and I will be sure to do a post on it. You can also share some of your favourite hairstyles in the comment section below so we can draw some inspiration from everyone. I wish you all a fabulous weekend!


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