Conditioner washing popularly referred to as co-washing can simply be defined as a process where conditioner is used to wash/cleanse the hair instead of shampoo. Reasons why it may be beneficial to co wash as opposed to shampooing is because it is a well known fact that certain shampoos are stripping and drying; therefore conditioner serves as an excellent substitute.

There are various hair conditioners that can be used to co wash popular ones include Alberto Balsam, Suave, Tres Semme and so on. The most important thing to bear in mind in choosing a conditioner for co washing is that it must be a rinse out conditioner. A rinse out conditioner is typically described as one which is quite runny in consistency and the directions on the bottle state it should be rinsed out after about three minutes. This is how they vary from regular deep conditioners which are thicker in consistency and are required to be left on the hair for longer periods.

Co washing is highly beneficial to the hair because it provides our hair with extra moisture, strength, suppleness and elasticity. The number of times you choose to co-wash will depend on your hair and what works for you. You can co wash once to thrice a week, weekly or bi-weekly it really just depends on what works for you. However it is important that you alternate with shampoos as well to ensure that your hair is properly cleansed.

To co wash your hair simply:

1. Wet hair with warm water and put some conditioner in the palms of your hand and work into your scalp using the pads of your fingers.

2. Apply some conditioner along your hair shaft then cleanse your scalp with your fingers using gentle circular motions after this you may choose to detangle. Leave it in for about three – five minutes rinse and then repeat.

3. After co washing you may decide to dry your hair and apply your leave in conditioner or you may opt to deep condition your hair. It really just depends on what works for you.

Please note that co washing is a healthier alternative to washing your hair with sulfate shampoos however it is not a mandatory obligation for healthy hair as some people may find washing their hair with a non-sulfate shampoo to be more beneficial.

Kindly share if you have tried co washing before or if you will be willing to try it out. 


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