Hey lovelies welcome to the month of November, I just love this month because it is close to Christmas and it is also my wedding anniversary month. Anyways I was scrolling through some old pictures of mine and I came across this picture of my edges. I was attending a friend’s child’s one year old party and my edges were absolutely sparse. I would say that the reason why my edges looked like that was a result of a bad relaxer I had as well as the post partum shedding I was experiencing at the time.

Here I was with my five month old baby and my hair line was looking really terrible. When I saw the pictures I could hardly bear to look at them. I am so glad I did not have them deleted as I would not have been able to share my progress with you all. The comparison picture is one I took during my holidays. I was looking for a picture where I would show that same side of my hair (and this is the best I could find). Now still I have a lot of baby hairs in front of my head because I guess the front has to play catch up to the back, however my edges have grown in leaps and bounds as you can see.

Up the top of my head I would say that what helped me the most was oiling my edges every day with my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil and also making sure to deep condition my hair as much as possible at least once a week or once every two weeks (depending on how much time I had). This is what I still do and I can say these two things have been absolutely beneficial to the overall health and length of my hair. 

If you are having problems with your edges kindly share or if you have been able to grow out your edges please share what you did to achieve this.


“And shall God not avenge his own elect who cry out day and night to him, though he bears long with them? “I tell you that he will avenge them speedily”. – The Holy Bible, Luke 18 v. 7-8