I have received two nominations for the versatile blogger award. I want to thank my fellow darling precious bloggers for nominating me: the adorable Cess B. of Tracking my Tresses and the elegant Sdestra of Sdestra Hair Journey. These ladies have been inspirational and have helped me out a great deal in my quest towards becoming a better blogger as a newcomer on the scene. Be sure to check out their blogs where you can learn a great deal on hair care.

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7 Random Facts about me

My favourite colour is pink, not that I wear it all the time rather I have a lot pink stuff because it is cheerful and pretty.

Most people in Nigeria seem to think my relaxed hair is natural (don’t know why).

I love ballerinas because they are so graceful and lovely.

One of my favourite books is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, I believe it can heal even the hardest heart and I try to get everyone I know to read it.

I absolutely love Nigerian food such as palm oil stew (obe dindin), efo riro, rice, regular stew, Nigerian fried rice, fried plantain (dodo), fried yam (it must be old yam) and the list goes on.

I played the piano when I was younger and wanted to be a classical pianist, then I wanted to become a violinist in an orchestra (pity I cannot even play the violin, perhaps one day).

My favourite shows on tv are Glee (makes me happy), Downtown Abbey (lovely beyond words). I also like Strictly Come Dancing, American Idol and MTV’s Made.

Please check out the bloggers I nominated as well. A few of the nominations are extremely experienced bloggers that I enjoy while the others are relatively new to blogging. So here goes (in random order):


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