Hello everyone I am back again with another post and this one is on 2 different protective styles I have worn over the past few months. These Protective Styles can be done on relaxed, texlaxed or natural hair it’s really just about adopting it to suit your particular kind of hair. I got inspiration for these hairstyles from ladies with natural hair I then tweaked them to suit my own hair type – so you can definitely do the same. I will do my best to give a detailed tutorial of how you can achieve these protective styles. If you are able to do any of them please be sure to tag me @wurassecrethair on instagram – would love to see how you are able to wear any of them.

The first protective style is the Fuller Ponytail it actually leaves your ends out but if you want to, you can definitely pin them in. This is however a protective style because as long as your ends are not touching any part of your clothes you can wear it out and you hair will still be semi-protected. The reason for this hairstyle is to give your ponytail a fuller appearance than it would ordinarily have. Now on to the tutorial:

  • Moisturise and seal your hair making sure to focus specifically on your ends which would be left out for the hairstyle.
  • It is important to start with textured hair (textured hair may also help to give the hair a shorter appearance making it less likely to rub on things) I achieved the texture for this style by parting my hair into 2 and braiding both sections. You can also get texture in your hair from putting your hair in twists, flexi rods, rollers and so on, it really just depends on your preference. 
  • Leave the braids to set for at least an hour, then undo them. 
  • Next, fluff your entire hair using your fingers. By fluff I mean put one hand at the base of your head and the other at the crown of your head and try to open the hair. This will add the necessary fullness to the ponytail. (To see clear details and pictures on how to fluff and use the wide elastic hair band refer to my old bun tutorial post here
  • Take your wide elastic hair band and pull all your hair through the wide hair band, adjust the hair band until you get the width and placement you want. 
  • Play around with your hair to get your desired fullness, leave as is and voila your fuller ponytail is done.

    The second protective style is definitely one of my favourites which is the voluminous bun. It is one of my breakthrough relaxed hairstyles because I never thought relaxed hair could achieve this style. The voluminous bun protective style is a variation of a puff on natural hair. It is however different from a puff because here the ends are pinned in and for relaxed/texlaxed hair you may need to create extra volume to give the hairstyle the required volume it needs. Now let’s get on with the tutorial:

  • Seal with an oil I use my Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, there may be no need to moisturise your hair especially if it is relaxed or texlaxed in the event your hair becomes weighed down with product and thus lacks the required volume.
  • Smooth out your edges and fluff/open your hair to create more volume as described above.
  • Take your wide elastic hair band and pull all your hair through the wide hair band, adjust the hair band until you get the width and placement you want.
  • Then, take the very ends of your hair and pin it underneath your headband, one or two hair pins should suffice. Voila!

Hope you like the protective style tutorials I shared. I would definitely love to know if these are hairstyles you would be willing to try. If you do try any of them out, do let me know how it goes. Thanks to everyone who reads my posts and subscribes it means a lot to me. If there is anything you would like me to address do share below and I will be sure to create a blog post on that topic.


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