Maybe not so fascinating but just wanted to do a fun post this time round to share some stuff about my hair and also to learn about your own hair as well. So here goes:

1. My hair is thick I used to not like this but now I embrace its thickness wholeheartedly.

2. It does not like to be co washed. Try as I might anytime I co wash my hair all I get is this coated feeling. I can do it once in a while but I cannot go too long without washing my hair with shampoo.

3. My hair loves to be washed with shampoos that contain one kind of sulfate which is sodium laureth sulfate such shampoos usually detangle my hair and never leave my hair feeling stripped. I try to stay away from all other forms of sulfate shampoos except when it is absolutely necessary.

4. My hair does not like to lay down so much except when I take a hair straightener/flat iron to it.

5. My hair always shrinks in length (I think the humidity in Nigeria also plays a factor). There are times when just before I get a relaxer I think my hair has not grown and then it surprises me after I put some heat on it.

6. My scalp usually loves to be oiled, oiling my scalp feels so good during and afterwards.

7. My hair loves protein deep conditioners mixed with moisture deep conditioners but after this will not take too ligtly to a protein leave in or hair moisuturiser so I use these sparingly even on none wash days.

8. I used to have the darkest black hair, everyone thought I had it dyed back in secondary school now it is still dark but a lot lighter in some parts.

9. Most hair stylists say my hair does not take too well to relaxers so no matter how often I get it relaxed and even do corrective relaxers it still maintains this texlaxed feel which I have grown to love and embrace.

10. My favourite protective style of all time is the bun I do all sorts but for a curly look I love a flexi rod set bun.

Kindly share some peculiarities about your hair, what it likes and does not like. Everyone’s hair is uniquely different and we should learn to embrace what makes us different and be proud of it.

PS. These are some older pictures of my hair before I cut it, slowly but surely it is getting back there. Our Birthday Hair Growth Challenge is coming to an end I am hoping for a fuller bun at the end of it. I will also straighten my hair at the end of the challenge, I hope you have all been rewarded from following the rules.


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